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Our company has created a revolutionary chef robot, and together with proprietary
digital printing, we present a platform that allows our customers to provide their
consumers various delicious and nutritious meals that can be tailored to their specific
taste, diet, and lifestyle .
Our system offers a pioneering solution for fast-moving kitchens, instantly customizing
the perfect meatless burger, and we are expanding into delicious meatless steaks,
kebabs, and even alternative seafood.
Our advanced technology is capable of making up to 90 meals an hour. We are FDA, UL,
and NSF-approved, and we currently have partners in the US. The machine also leads to
smaller workforce requirements, with no need for any kitchen, prepares consistently
perfect portions and can be personalized per every user.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Digital Platform for Producing Hot & Nutritious Meals


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