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Smart.exe Ltd.

Smart.exe Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

We offer companies outsourcing services of external organic software development
teams .
Our teams can support the entire development process or integrate specific parts
seamlessly to improve performance.
Our commitment to connecting you with the right engineer or team and providing
professional support throughout the process makes our company and the services we
offer unique .
We establish a conducive environment for our engineers, ensuring their collaboration
until the successful delivery of the project to the client .
Our experience and skilled team can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the
table, contributing to creative problem-solving and efficient solutions .
Since 2004, we’ve successfully positioned developers in over 1,500 roles across various
categories. We bring extensive experience from global engagements across diverse
sectors, including medical, industrial, military, agriculture, Telecom, Energy,
Cybersecurity, Fintech, Hospitality, E-Commerce, Mobile Apps and Games and more .
The company is interested in :
1. Providing a development service for customers, technology, and industrial
companies requiring assistance in software product development .
2. Find potential business partners to link us with the relevant technology
Our service becomes especially crucial during rapid growth, providing companies with the
means to expand their output without compromising the quality of their software products .
Added value services include Product Management, Project Management, Design, Quality
Assurance (QA), DevOps, and more.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Outsourcing Development Team Solutions – Teams and Software Engineers


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