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Tambour Ltd

Tambour Ltd

Product/ Company Information:

Since it’s founding in 1936 and to this very day, our company is synonymous with paints and with pioneering the construction industry in Israel.  The company’s story is interwoven with the story of Israel – the events, growth and building of the country.

Over the years the company has developed a broad and diverse selection of products and progressed to its current status, as Israel’s leading company in the paint & construction market.

The company is owned by Kusto group, a diversified holding company, operating in the industrial sector across the world.

We have a broad distribution system comprising 1200 stores nationwide. In addition, the company has network of sales in Europe, the Mediterranean basin, Africa and the Far East.

We have an state-of-the-art R&D unit, responsive and adaptive, to fit local requirements into our products to assist partners in providing better solutions to their markets.

The range of products include:

  • Decorative Paints and coverings – interior and exterior
  • Construction products – plaster boards, dry mixes, waterproofing, infrastructure coatings, road marketing, etc.
  • Industrial coatings – metal coatings for industries, Oil & Gas, Defense, maritime/containers, etc.
  • Cooperation – we can export finished products, but are also interested in cooperation of local production as a complementary offer to existing production lines.


Potential partners: 

  • Building material distributors
  • Building material contractors
  • Industrial paint distributors
  • Industrial paint contractors
  • Building material manufacturers – Gypsum/Cement/Drymixes, etc.
  • Paint manufacturers – Decorative/Industrial
  • Shipyards, Container Parks.
  • Gov.  Defense paint contractors
  • Local agents with proven experience in any of the above

Target countries: Africa, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia


Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export/Joint Ventures: Decorative Paints and Coverings, Industrial Coatings, Construction Materials


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