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UBQ Materials Ltd.

UBQ Materials Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Our company has developed a novel thermoplastic material that simultaneously tackles the crisis
of waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
By converting organic and unrecyclable waste into our new material, a climate-positive plastic
substitute, companies can quickly and cost-effectively transition away from fossil fuels to reduce
their environmental footprint.
Our material is a breakthrough plastic substitute made entirely from organic and unrecyclable
Our material-patented technology converts organic waste (such as banana peels, chicken bones,
pizza boxes, etc.) into basic particles that are reconstructed and bonded with mixed plastics into a
new thermoplastic matrix.
The homogeneous material is a highly recyclable substitute for oil-based resins, wood, and
additional resource-intensive materials. Certified UL 2809, our material contains 100 percent
post-consumer recycled materials and is USDA BioPreferred.
Target markets/customers:
Global brands, such as Mercedes Benz, PepsiCo, Anheuser Busch, and Nestle, have integrated our
material into durable products and across supply chain applications.
Materials ecosystem players, including Polyram, Ducor, Resirene, and Polymertal, have also
integrated our material into their offerings.

We are looking for material and petrochemical leaders, consumer brands, automotive OEMs,
logistics, retail, and construction industries to have all turned to our material to close the loop
between their ecosystem of material and the global ecosystem of waste for circularity and
positive climate impact.


Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: * Environmental Friendly Plastic Substitute * Cooperation with Waste Management/RDF Players and Local Authorities to Establish our Plant Abroad


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