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Vertical Field

Vertical Field

Product/ Company Information:

This company develops solutions for the global food supply and growing living walls, to create healthier, prettier environments. It brings all the benefits of plants into the urban ecosystem including air and noise filtering, decreasing waste, and creating pesticide-free and naturally bug-free plant walls. The company is also developing smart farming technology that integrates nature into the urban lifestyle. Their mission is to create healthier, prettier environments that improve the quality of urban life.

This company specializes in two fields:

  • Vertical Urban Crops is a new way to meet the rising global population’s need for food supply by growing plants in any indoor or outdoor space in cities. This portable urban farm can be positioned in a parking lot or roof of any building or commercial site, including restaurants, groceries, hotels, corporations, and more.
  • Vertical Urban Landscaping is a modular, lush green living wall designed with state-of-the-art, geoponic (soil-based) technology for both interiors and exteriors. It can be installed in an office, building, or neighborhood. Their solution combines beauty, nature, and urban plant growth for thermal and acoustic insulation. Aesthetics aside, an environment with plants is proven to improve health and diminish the city heat island effect. Their air purification filter system comprised of plants removes ~95% of a building’s pollutants. It is easy to maintain and suitable as a wall covering to filter noise and enhance productivity.

Advantages and uniqueness of this product:

  • Water-saving through an integrated front drip system
  • Preventing root curling for efficient land use
  • Smart drainage to prevent rot
  • Double internal water reservoir to prevent dryness
  • Smart locking system to keep the capsules safe
  • The modules are protected from UV radiation
  • Easy installation of the platform and preliminary inspections before bringing the plants to the site Possibility of decorative additions such as Mashrabiya, cladding of various types, and more
  • Smart lighting and air purification systems can be combined
  • Use of a natural planting medium that provides the plants with all the needs of the plant
  • A fully patented registered module worldwide, unique for vertical gardening
  • Professional, experienced team, with full international customer support


Potential partners: The company has been exporting to South Korea, Italy and Georgia and is looking for partners in the American market and other countries under distribution service agreement. The partners should be specialized in establishing large projects in the field of landscape development, with agronomic knowledge and especially connections with planners to introduce the product. The end customers are architects, developers, building owners, international companies such as Apple, Intel, Google and more.

Target countries: USA, Japan, Singapore, UAE, The Netherlands, UK, Italy, France and other EU Countries.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Export: Nature Based Solutions for Food and Landscaping in the Urban Ecosystem


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