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WideMed Technologies Ltd.

WideMed Technologies Ltd.

Product/ Company Information:

Our company specializes in the field of sleep tests (Lab Tests and Home Sleep Tests) since 2001.

We developed analysis software, the first in the world to receive FDA approval, and a series of smart recording devices for Home Sleep Tests.

Our company has practical experience of over 500,000 analyses for sleep tests.

We offer a unique system that can perform complete Home Sleep Tests (recording + analysis) for all types of Home Sleep Tests approved by the AASM.

  • All our products have been approved by the FDA since 2004.
  • The company has patents registered in the USA.
  • All our products meet the American AASM standards.
  • The company has CFDA approval in China.

System Benefits:

  1. Allows you to perform sleep tests for an unlimited number of patients every night.
  2. Allows you to perform an unlimited number of analyses every night.
  3. The system works on a pay-per-use = PPU business model.
  4. The system helps the users to:

–      Increase their income
– Reduce their maintenance expenses

  1. The system is particularly suitable for use in countries with wide-spread inhabitants, including

countries with extensive population dispersion.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Complete Solution for Home Sleep Test (HST)


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