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Y.D Isolation and General Trading

Y.D Isolation and General Trading

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The company, established in 200, provides a variety of services to the manufacturing and
construction industries including mineral insulation, rock insulation, ceramic insulation and
armoflex insulation.
The company specializes in the construction of refrigeration and industrial buildings. Flame
retardant insulation and insulation of all different parts of industry .
The company has been engaged for many years in the areas mentioned above during which
it has gained a great deal of knowledge and experience. The company initiates, plans, and
carries out projects in the field of insulation and tin. Specialize in complex jobs and projects
at high and low temperatures.
In addition, the company is in contact with the leading manufacturers and contractors in
Israel in the field of trade. The company imports and engages in intercontinental trade in
various fields, including mineral wool insulation, rock wool and ceramic wool and Armoflex
insulation pipes.

Interested in doing business in: Philippines
Activity: Import: Insulation materials for construction: Mineral insulation Rock insulation Ceramic insulation Armoflex insulation Wool insulation Rock wool


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