Israeli Ambassador to the Phils Ben Matityau Invites Students to Another Agricultural Training

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  • 02 Sep 2016
  • ICCP
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Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau

Ambassador Effie Ben Matityau

Israel’s ambassador to the Philippines Effie Ben Matityau confirmed his country’s offer to Filipinos: a special on-the-job training for 540 students of agriculture. The ambassador made the announcement at a recent dinner reception hosted by the Department of Agriculture regional office. He said that the Israeli government wants to empower human resources as they are vital to a country’s development.

“We aim that every Filipino graduate of our program becomes quality managers and leaders in agriculture combining also the skills they learned here in the Philippines,” Matityau said.

Israel’s Role in the Agricultural Industry of the Philippines

Israel is known as one of the major producers of quality agricultural products in the world. As the country’s ambassador to the Philippines since 2014, Matityau has become familiar with the country’s agricultural needs and advantages. He cited Iloilo’s fresh produce as having potential markets in countries like Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

Every year, several Israeli programs, like the MASHAV and Agrostudies, provide opportunities for Filipinos to train in using Israel’s  farming and production technologies. Last year, 535 Filipinos graduated from the Agrostudies on-the-job training program.

The students learned techniques in livestock, agricultural pollination, and horticulture five days a week.  They also had one-hour classroom sessions to study theories.

OJT Graduates Integrating What They Learned

The most recent Filipino graduates expressed excitement in using what they learned to help the country. Anthony Abena, for example, who learned how to operate a greenhouse and net house from his internship last year, is currently creating a papaya plantation. Abena used Israeli designs in his project, which he claims could withstand a 260kmph wind velocity and protect plants from the wind and from direct sunlight.

The Israeli government offers a special agricultural training under the Agrostudies program every year. Apart from the Philippines, several countries participated in the 11-month training program in 2015. These include Myanmar, Laos, Bhutan, Vietnam, Rwanda, Togo, Burkina, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Kenya, Cameroon, Senegal, Peru, Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Guatemala.

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