Israeli Company Looks to Introduce App for Diabetics in the Philippines

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  • 02 Jun 2016
  • ICCP
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Labstyle Innovations Corporation, a mobile health company based in Caesarea, is looking to expand the distribution of their flagship product – Dario – to the Philippines. The company has recently received permission to market their product in the United States, and is planning to extend that reach towards Asia.

What is the Dario?

Labstyle describes Dario as the world’s first personalized smart meter that combines an all-in-one glucose meter with a mobile app that can help monitor a user’s blood glucose levels. The device itself is a compact glucose meter that connects directly to any smartphone. The product also comes with its own lancing device and a set of disposable test strips.

The device is only half of the offer, however, as it’s designed to sync with the Dario App that allows users to monitor their glucose level and share the information to doctors from wherever they are. The personalized record – that users can update at any time – can make life easier for people with diabetes.

The Path to Global Availability

The company recently moved from an over the counter listing to a regular NASDAQ listing under its DRIO ticker, securing the financial foundation for its US launch. The company’s financial round was mostly focused on getting started in the US. But, if the support is there, Dario may find its way to India and the Philippines, and then make a move towards the medical sphere in Europe.

A Boost to Diabetes Prevention and Control

This kind of technology is a welcome innovation for diabetes patients in the country, and can supplement the Philippine Department of Health’s initiative in preventing and controlling diabetes.
A cloud-based record will enable doctors to conduct proper research, surveillance, monitoring and evaluation of their patients. This will allow them to provide more accurate clinical and lifestyle interventions for more effective treatments.