Volenday’s Targeted Approach Delivers Efficient Results for Businesses

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  • 30 Jan 2017
  • ICCP
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Volenday, a member of the Israel Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, assists clients in strategically achieving their goals and giving them a competitive edge in their respective fields. As a multinational company with roots in the United States and the Philippines, the company delivers high-quality and flexible business solutions, with the aim of becoming a trusted business partner for their clients.

A Unique Approach to Business

As an outsourcing company, Volenday acknowledges the importance of having proactive ideals and holistic involvement. Its ability to use the best technology and to simplify processes has earned it a credible reputation in the industry — its reach encompasses markets in the United States, Philippines, and Australia.

A Broad Range of Services

The company offers business solutions in three main areas: Recruitment, Staffing and IT Services (Software Development, Technical Support). With its help, clients speed up their business operations while maintaining quality services.

Recruitment – Volenday works with several industries that help them in the process of talent acquisition for all levels. It works with clients without asking them for exclusivity contracts or retainers’ fees.

Staff Augmentation – The company’s staffing services take care of operational overload, helping clients keep control of their deliverables.

Software Development – The company can get involved at any stage of the software development process, regardless of the size and complexity of the software they will handle.

IT & Infrastructure Support –From computers to networks and servers used in daily work, Volenday can be counted on for updates and unexpected changes.

Shared Workspaces – Volenday acknowledges the importance of working in a conducive, professional environment and offers everything, from desks to meeting rooms, to make the business efficient.

Business Solutions – Catering to everyday office and processing needs requires management consulting, finance/accounting outsourcing, and even SEO and graphic design. Volenday can provide them all to clients.

Companies interested in working with Volenday may call (02) 263-5122, email [email protected] or visit volenday.com to know more about its business solutions. The company has an office at Unit 3B 2nd Floor Multinational Bancorporation Center, 6805 Ayala Avenue, Makati City 1266, Metro Manila, Philippines.